Why is it called sperm whale

See sperm whale defined for kids. Tackle the taboo of online fraud for a safer tomorrow. Sperm whales are believed to have diverged from other toothed whales early in the evolution of the suborder—around twenty million years ago Nikaido et al. Definition of sperm whale for English Language Learners. Males leave these "nursery schools" at somewhere between 4 and 21 years of age and join a "bachelor school" with other males of a similar age and size. Priya. Age: 23. see me in person and ill satify your desire Alicia. Age: 18. Are you tired of being rushed and feeling unappreciated? Not with me

The people who dive with whales that could eat them alive

Pick here the right package for you. These cetaceans were once the mainstay of the open ocean whaling industry, especially those in the northeast United States. Marine Ecology Progress Series , , — Kaszalot, potwal olbrotowiec Russian: The mean Dive Duration was On several occasions Sperm whales have stranded in Bermuda. The pygmy sperm whale, Kogia breviceps, of the same family, is similar to the cachalot in range and feeding habits. It contains special organs that contribute the finest quality sperm oil. The system is operated by CLS. Sperm whales dive incredibly deep to hunt, and in the Pacific they swim so far away from each other that they may never see the same whales twice in their lifetimes. Home Activities Water Land.

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Sperm Whale Head Anatomy

It is possible that Benthic dives represent a change in foraging strategy to target a benthic organism. Please review our privacy policy. Sperm whale diving Douglas Hoffman. The only natural predator of the sperm whale is the orca and even then most attacks are not thought to be fatal. The tail will be completely submerged though. The data were stored in an onboard archive, and the complete data record could only be accessed by recovering the tag for download.

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