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I was a strong Christian for many years until I became aware of something. Next how did they control sanitation with all of the urine and feces from all of these animals? And life is black and white. With YOUR god who needs the devil? I see a pitiful wretch who is the kind of person who would claw the eyes out of others in order to save its sorry ass. You ought to be more concerned that there are people who have both feet solidly in Hell. Kita. Age: 20. MY PRICE Barra. Age: 21. +37061079934 (SMS please)

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Kathy Griffin won an Emmy, and she was sure to point out to whom the credit was not due: Obviously, God will never have an end either, as long as religious delusions get a pass instead of being critiqued as the symptoms of mental illness that they are. Sorry, Kathy, old dear. No wonder Atheistic states are typified by tyranny. Kys before you do something stupid and get destroyed by a Christian. Or in America, the annihilation of the American Indian. Like me, I paid off debts, saved up money long ago so I could live my life according to how I understand things, but no sorry son of a bitches have always been up my add and even if I fart, there they are again, practicing their amoral or inferior morals and values proselytysm. Then others who benefit by denying anothers suffering, pain, lack of things, even in churches, some. They used their victims and then killed and buried them in unmarked graves in churchyards when they got too old. When I was 15 my year-old brother died of cancer. We may make mistakes, but when we realize this and become aware of the need to change, that is why we go to Christ in prayer first and repent, no matter how many times they may mess up, before actively seeking to make up for their wrongs. If you want a brief synopsis of God, look at Galatians 5: The end all and be all is that people turn to God for salvation and depend on Him.

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And even if she WERE a comedian, which she certainly is not, it would hardly qualify her to talk about theological philosophy. Conor says — reply to this. We don't have to agree with them, but let's be civil please. Not a responsible father at all! Be a good person but don't believe in me and you will go to HELL!

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